Customs issues

Should you come across any customs-related updates in the tracking information, it’s advisable to reach out to the recipient and confirm whether they’ve been contacted by customs. In the event that they haven’t been contacted, you can connect with Exons Global Security Vault & Courier Services, and we’ll engage with the courier to address the situation.

Regrettably, delays may transpire during the customs clearance process, which at times is beyond immediate resolution. Customs must complete their procedures before goods are released. Please be aware that these delays are beyond the control of both Exons Global Security Vault & Courier Services and the sender. Kindly inform the recipient that delays are plausible.

As a courier service, we possess direct channels of communication with customs, enabling us to liaise effectively with the courier you’ve chosen through our quoting system. This ensures efficient resolution of any arising issues.

Customs Charges

Presently, you can dispatch parcels within the UK and throughout Europe without the need for customs documentation or incurring customs charges. Nevertheless, when sending items beyond the EU, particularly to sought-after destinations like the USA, China, Australia, or India, the process demands completion of a customs declaration form, and the possibility of customs duties being applicable.

To assist you in comprehending customs charges and facilitating a seamless customs clearance for your package, we have compiled essential customs advice that you should take note of.

What is customs?

Customs serves as the governing body responsible for overseeing the import and export of goods within a country’s borders. Their role entails preventing the passage of illicit or restricted items and guaranteeing that the applicable government obtains accurate taxes and duties on chargeable goods.

Considering that each nation maintains distinct regulations pertaining to customs, it becomes imperative to conduct thorough research before sending a parcel abroad.

International customs charges

When dispatching a parcel from the UK to a non-EU country, customs charges will be applicable, requiring you to complete a customs declaration form elucidating the item’s nature and value.

All shipments made through Exons Global Security Vault & Courier Services operate on a Delivered Duty Unpaid (DDU) basis. This signifies that any applicable customs duty is the responsibility of the recipient.

Upon parcel arrival, customs will get in touch with the recipient for duty settlement, which must be cleared before the package is released. In cases where duty payments remain outstanding, packages will be detained by customs until payments are resolved, and if not, they may either be returned or disposed of.

To facilitate seamless communication, it’s crucial to provide a functional local contact number and a valid email address for the recipient when booking services with Exons Global Security Vault & Courier Services.