Export And Import

Importers commonly turn to us to organize the Customs trade compliance that governs the importation of their goods. Our expertise extends to guiding newcomers through the Customs clearance process.

Our services encompass a wide range of customs-related processes, including:

  1. Facilitating customs clearance and entry summary (Form 7501).
  2. Managing the return of cargo, whether in-bond or otherwise, for rejected goods.
  3. Coordinating transloading for intermodal or air/road transfers (in-bond or otherwise).
  4. Overseeing in-bond movements from ports to inland points.
  5. Managing transborder movements from ports to neighboring countries like Mexico and Canada.
  6. Arranging IT/IE/T&E (Form 7512) preparations.
  7. Handling customs examinations such as CET/VACIS/MET/Tail Gate.
  8. Assisting with Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) entry and release.
  9. Managing Importer Security Filing (ISF, 10+2) and necessary bonds.
  10. Facilitating clearance and release with FDA/USDA and other government agencies.
  11. Handling Carnet and Temporary import in-bond clearances.
  12. Managing Duty Drawback (Forms 7551/52/53/14) for returning goods.
  13. Arranging in-bond services for segregation, deconsolidation, or cost-effective storage.
  14. Utilizing the Automated Manifest System (AMS).
  15. Assisting with EPA forms and approval processes for vehicles, motors, etc.
  16. Overseeing unaccompanied household personal goods entry clearance (Form 3299).
  17. Providing bonds (continuous or single entry).
  18. Managing manipulation, examination, sampling, or transfer of goods while in bond (Form 3499).
  19. Assisting in obtaining Importer ID# (Form 5106) for both USA and overseas parties (for DDU/DDP shipments).
  20. Preparing pro forma invoices.
  21. Arranging insurance coverage to mitigate risks associated with customs and other government entity rejections.

Our array of services covers a multitude of export-related tasks, including:

  1. Validating Vehicle/Automobile Titles.
  2. Certifying Certificates of Origin through Chambers, Consulates, Embassies, and other relevant organizations.
  3. Filing SED (Shipper’s Export Declaration) through the AES (Automated Export System).
  4. Providing technical guidance for obtaining export licenses.
  5. Handling the return of goods, whether in-bond or otherwise, using IT/IE/T&E (Form 7512).
  6. Assisting in preparing Carnets and arranging bonds for temporary exports.
  7. Facilitating the release of seized goods (due to misdeclaration, restricted items, defects/infestations, FDA rejection).
  8. Securing Certificates of Free Sale from the state.
  9. Obtaining Certificate of Registration (Form 4455) for duty-free entry of temporarily exported goods.
  10. Managing banking documentation such as Letters of Credit and Sight Drafts.
  11. Certifying the remaining useful life of used capital goods.

Many exporters and importers opt for the services of professionals such as Customs Brokers, Freight Forwarders, and international shipping providers due to the intricate trade compliance regulations enforced by customs in each country. It’s essential for all exporters and importers, including those relocating personal household items, to comprehend and adhere to these regulations.

International shipping involves more than just customs compliance. Each shipment engages multiple vendors in a complex process from origin to destination. Navigating the roles and challenges of each vendor while ensuring reasonable costs and dependable transit times demands coordination.

With years of experience, proper licenses, continuous training, regulatory knowledge, and oversight, we have successfully met client expectations. Our proficient team is well-versed in recent trade rules, shipping choices, contracts, and strong vendor relationships (many are C-TPAT approved) to provide cost-effective and seamless shipping experiences.

The UK and USA are our expertise, excelling at every sea and air port. Our extensive global agent network, developed over decades, sets us apart. We can choose from numerous options at each overseas port based on your shipment’s needs. Please explore our other service offerings, including origin pickup, destination delivery, insurance, and packing.

Efficient compliance and requirements hinge on impeccable shipment documentation. We guide clients from the start, meticulously reviewing shipping documents before the shipment’s arrival. Proper documents are vital, as incorrect or late documentation can lead to transit delays and added expenses.

Certain prerequisites, like the ISF for ocean shipping, need to be fulfilled before shipping. Our import specialists assist importers in establishing customs connections, arranging bonds, and ensuring compliance with ISF regulations. Even if an importer faces delays, we offer the best alternatives to expedite their shipment, reducing penalties, fines, delays, and costs. Clients find our guidance invaluable in navigating difficult situations, ultimately saving them hassle, time, and money.

Our handling fees are competitive and nominal. Regular importers can expect us to match or beat competitor rates, enhancing service without cost increases. Our services can be tailored to your needs, from partial assistance to full door-to-door support. We provide free estimates for transparent comparison.

Each client is assigned a dedicated salesperson for quoting and a coordinator for seamless operations, ensuring the reliability you deserve. Over time, clients become less involved in their shipping and clearing processes as we focus on their savings and time. We offer real-time shipment status updates online or through emails/phone calls, promptly addressing modifications to meet your new requirements arising from time constraints or emergencies.