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Logistics Rep for Importers

Our team of logistics experts ensures that importers benefit from full visibility throughout the entire journey of their inbound sea shipments. This comprehensive service includes supplier coordination, FOB origin services, international transportation, destination handling, and door-to-door delivery, all for a reasonable fee. The services mentioned below can be customized to suit the needs of regular importers, providing them with numerous advantages and opportunities for time and cost savings.

Carrier Choice

We coordinate shipments with your preferred shipping line or in accordance with your existing Service Contract. In peak seasons, we secure space on the desired carrier, leveraging our influence to ensure vessel availability. Even during last-minute rushes, we facilitate loading onto the vessel, even if it entails overnight stays at the port.

Service Contract availability, maintenance & negotiation

Your Service Contract will be accessible online, with data consistently updated to ensure accuracy. We aid in negotiating competitive rates with Shipper Lines and monitor for any applied GRI (General Rate Increase) and Peak Season Surcharges. You can conveniently review these details online and track the status of your shipments. For added convenience, your internal system can be updated daily with shipment progress, and email notifications will be sent to relevant parties.

Customs Broker Coordination

Your goods clearing broker will receive comprehensive documentation in a timely manner, along with shipment status updates. This facilitates prompt customs clearance, mitigating the risk of incurring significant demurrage and detention charges.

Documentation Distribution

Timely distribution of shipment documents is crucial to streamline and accelerate customs clearance, preventing demurrage fees and time wastage. The process remains incomplete until the post-shipment documents reach the intended recipients, as any hindrance can result in last-minute delays, increased expenses, and frustration. We possess expertise in implementing necessary adjustments due to production or carrier delays, including arranging alternative solutions like airfreight or sea-air transport.

Your Representation

Advocating for your interests right from the origin, we collaborate closely with our seasoned partners at major global ports. This synergy ensures a streamlined process that prevents potential delays and avoids unwarranted extra transportation expenses. Our proactive approach safeguards your team’s time, spares them from exhaustive training, and prevents sleepless nights and costly missteps. With a designated single point of contact in your time zone, we efficiently coordinate all origin and destination requisites, curbing the need for overseas calls, disrupting sleep schedules, and mitigating unnecessary personnel frustration. Our comprehensive precautions and services are designed to not only meet but exceed your expectations, delivering substantial cost savings that make availing our services a judicious choice. Moreover, our licenses, liability insurance, and established performance bonds, accumulated since 1987, solidify our standing as an extension of your business. This reinforces the assurance that you can perceive us as an integral part of your operations.

Documentation Distribution

Unraveling the root cause of damage, assessing responsibility, and assembling pertinent documentation for claim processing demand the expertise of skilled and well-informed personnel. Our complimentary consultation, coupled with the choice to delegate claim filing to us for a nominal fee, fulfills the desire of every importer. In cases of Cargo and/or Liability claims, we may engage a Surveyor and/or a professional law firm after obtaining your consent.